My first experience with diving was back in 2016. The moment I was able to breath underwater and experience the silence is one I will never forget.
Over the years, I have travelled to many different diving destinations around the globe. But there’s one place that has a special place in my heart… South Africa! A country famous for the wildlife and natural reserves. But what many people forget is that there’s a lot of marine life passing the coastal areas of this magnificent country!
My underwater photography started in 2020. I always used a GoPro to capture the unique moments during my dives. But I felt it was not “enough” and I wanted to be able to share my dives true images.
So I switched to a compact camera for my photography. Not long after I added a mirrorless camera to my toolbox as well.
I’m always attracted to destinations or locations that are still unknown to many people. This is also one of the reasons I started diving with a rebreather. Not only does it give you the possibility to dive deeper or longer, but because you don’t make any bubbles you can come closer to marine life.
By sharing my images, I hope to inspire my fellow divers to go out and discover new locations and dive sites. And if my images motivate people to start diving, then I reached my goal!
Exploring our blue planet.
Our world has been explored and documented throughout many years. We know a lot about our planet, but there’s still one place that holds a lot of secrets. The deep blue waters of our oceans and seas are a playground for discoveries of new species and human history.
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