The Sardine Run occurs from May through July around the Wild Coast of South Africa.
During this time of the year billions of sardines spawn in the cool waters around the Agulhas bank. Then they start moving north along the coast.
The run itself starts at the moment cold currents  move from the Agulhas bank towards Mozambique. This event attracts all kind of predators that like to have sardines on their dinner plate. What follows is a pure feeding frenzy with sharks, dolphins, birds, seals, whales,…
It’s probably one of the largest maritime migrations on the planet. The shoals of sardines can be up to 7km long, 1,5km wide and 30m deep.
The most iconic part of the sardine run are the bait balls. They’re created by the common dolphins that come in large numbers to enjoy this huge feeding opportunity. There’s an estimated number of up to 18 000 dolphins that are around in the area during this time of the year.
It also occurs at the same time as the migration of humpback whales. They’re migrating from Antarctica towards Mozambique to give birth. These whales are not known to join the sardine run itself but they’re all around.
For me the sardine run is probably the biggest ocean safari you can get!
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