The Sardine Run in South Africa is a spectacular marine event that occurs annually along the country's eastern coastline, typically between May and July. It's considered one of the most incredible marine migrations globally.
Millions of sardines move in colossal shoals, migrating northward along the coast. This migration attracts a wide array of predators such as dolphins, sharks, whales, and seabirds like gannets. The predators work together to herd the sardines into bait balls—massive swirling formations where the sardines bunch tightly together for protection.
The event is a thrilling spectacle for both marine enthusiasts and tourists, as it offers the chance to witness the intense feeding frenzies and the incredible coordination among various species as they capitalize on this abundant food source.
This phenomenon is highly dependent on various factors like water temperature, currents, and the availability of plankton—the primary food source for sardines. The exact timing and scale of the Sardine Run can vary from year to year, making it an unpredictable but awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.
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